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Enough screwing, let’s see Piper naked

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

I know nude scenes in movies, however uplifting they can be in an otherwise drab storyline, can be a bit of a pain to watch, what with stupid camera angles and obviously simulated gestures in place of the real thing. So to save you from the frustration, here’s a different Piper-peppered goodness for you guys: fake pictures of a naked Piper Perabo.

There’s shitloads of fake pictures of famous celebrities out there, but most of them are crap; faces look horribly stitched and grafted on to inappropriately selected bodies, and sometimes, while the airbrushing looks seamless enough, there’s just this horrible feeling you get when you see the finished work. Well, I don’t know, probably because the head is sticking out of a fucking asshole and licking it like it’s a normal feat??? Yeah, well. Anyway, I’ve handpicked the good ones from the solid crap, although it wasn’t hard, since the high-quality fakes in our archive outnumber the mutilated ones. We’ve got Piper Perabo exposing her pussy and tits in two of the pictures up there, and another photo here of her getting a facial from two cocks.

We might never see Piper do these things in real life, but as long as there are talented people who can transform an innocent chick’s photo into a wild orgy involving leather, black cock, and a whole lot of cum showers to the face, then what’s the need to wait? So here’s more fake pictures of Piper Perabo fucking, sucking, and just plain dangling her pussy for the camera.