Piper Perabo Nude

There’s not much to Piper Perabo in the way of big movie roles, except for her lead role as Violet ‘Jersey’ Sanford in Coyote Ugly in 2000, but what she lacks in celebrity luster, she makes up for in natural sexiness and appeal. It serves the note how the world got introduced to Piper, of course, or we wouldn’t have laid eyes on one of Hollywood’s sexier underdogs.

Having honed her acting skills in New York after graduating college in 1998, Piper Perabo immediately sent her career off with a couple of little-known films like Single-Spaced, her debut performance in the same year, and Whiteboyz, which gained a cult following for being shown repeatedly on cable TV, even after a limited showing in select theaters in the US. With the advent of the new millennium, Piper was given a chance to shine with a lead role in Coyote Ugly, where she displayed her untapped singing and dancing skills as a sexy bar-room entertainer, alongside actresses such as Tyra Banks and Maria Bello. Another notable film she starred in was in Lost and Delirious, a Canadian film where she played a school girl who fell for her another girl in her boarding school.

Other notable appearances in acting for Piper include Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), and its follow-up shown two years later, The Prestige (2006), co-starring Hugh Jackman, and one of her latest, Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008). This year, she is set to launch a crime-themed series entitled Covert Affairs, as the lead character Annie Walker, who is promoted by the CIA to hunt down her ex-boyfriend. Whether or not the series is set to jumpstart Piper’s career is yet to be seen, but we hope it does, so we can see more of her stunning features in the media. Although we wouldn’t have to complain, since she managed to cram plenty of actual exposure–nudity, sex, and lesbian sex at that–in the short amount of time she’s been in showbiz. Piper Perabo Nude is ready to fill itself silly with more tit-and-pussy scenes she’s willing to distribute, which we’re sure she’s not hesitant to do. Not at all.