Piper’s Deleted Hot Onscreen Sex

June 28th, 2010 by piper

piper perabo licking guy's chest

The photos featured here are from Piper Perabo’s sex scene with Australian stud Adam Garcia from the movie Coyote Ugly. The sex was so scorching hot that the scene was eventually deleted from the film when it was released in theaters. We see Piper licking Adam Garcia’s chest, making him all excited. The next photo show Adam Garcia running his tongue all over Piper’s front, making his way up to Piper’s soft, pink, erect nipples.

piper perabo breasts

Coyote Ugly is movie about an out-of-town girl trying to make it big in New York City, where she ends up working in the Coyote Ugly Saloon where the staff regularly dance on top of the bar. In the the following photo, we see Adam Garcia on top of Piper Perabo, ready to thrust away into Piper’s pussy.

piper perabo fucking

To see more Piper Perabo nude photos, just click on the link.

Enough screwing, let’s see Piper naked

January 21st, 2010 by piper

I know nude scenes in movies, however uplifting they can be in an otherwise drab storyline, can be a bit of a pain to watch, what with stupid camera angles and obviously simulated gestures in place of the real thing. So to save you from the frustration, here’s a different Piper-peppered goodness for you guys: fake pictures of a naked Piper Perabo.

There’s shitloads of fake pictures of famous celebrities out there, but most of them are crap; faces look horribly stitched and grafted on to inappropriately selected bodies, and sometimes, while the airbrushing looks seamless enough, there’s just this horrible feeling you get when you see the finished work. Well, I don’t know, probably because the head is sticking out of a fucking asshole and licking it like it’s a normal feat??? Yeah, well. Anyway, I’ve handpicked the good ones from the solid crap, although it wasn’t hard, since the high-quality fakes in our archive outnumber the mutilated ones. We’ve got Piper Perabo exposing her pussy and tits in two of the pictures up there, and another photo here of her getting a facial from two cocks.

We might never see Piper do these things in real life, but as long as there are talented people who can transform an innocent chick’s photo into a wild orgy involving leather, black cock, and a whole lot of cum showers to the face, then what’s the need to wait? So here’s more fake pictures of Piper Perabo fucking, sucking, and just plain dangling her pussy for the camera.

Get delirious with these Piper Perabo lezzy screens

January 21st, 2010 by piper

If you were a bit turned off by Piper agreeing to a substitue for her nude scene in Coyote Ugly, let me deliver the saving grace. Here’s Lost and Delirious, a Canadian drama filmed in 2001 starring Piper Perabo, Jessica Pare, and Mischa Barton. The story is set in–wait for it–an all-girls’ boarding school. And your imagination goes haywire.

Yeah, you thought right. Three young schoolgirls acted out by hot chicks with unspent hormones in a male-deprived environment? If ‘lesbian sex scene’ is all that’s invading your mind, then you hit the jackpot, my friend. We get this incredibly hot bit of Piper Perabo and Jessica pare licking each other’s tits and just plain grabbing each other in bed, while their unsuspecting roommate, played by Mischa Barton, dozes off by herself. Now here’s the good part: no body doubles here for Piper. I guess Canada’s less of a hypocrite than the US that they actually let anybody do their own nude scenes, huh? Or maybe Piper got a little less guarded after Coyote Ugly and realized the extra fame time shoving her tits into the camera would give her.

Anyway, aside from Piper’s devilishly hot moves with her tits and pussy laid bare in the scene, we also get a bonus peek at Jessica Pare’s curvy boobs. Push these two chicks in one steamy sex scene and the world becomes a happier place, where lesbians can hold hands and kiss in front of their approving parents, and threesomes with a guy like me are actually a welcome gesture. That would be such a ride: I’m sandwiched between the two hot chicks, my cock rammed inside Piper, and my balls crammed inside Jessica’s. If my balls could cum on their own, I’d have impregnated both chicks in one go. But enough babble. Here’s the actual video of Piper Perabo enjoying a wicked sexy lesbian fuck in Lost and Delirious.

Nothing’s ugly about this Piper Perabo sex scene

January 21st, 2010 by piper

Isn’t it a sort of insult when you’re replaced by a body double in performing a nude scene for a movie? It’s entirely rude, unless there’s something fatally horrible about your body, like a botched breast surgery or an ugly c-section scar across your belly, which just begs to be excused from exposure. Anyway, seeing a body double instead of the actual celeb can be excused as long as there’s good camera placement. At least we’ll be led to think it’s the same celebrity we’re lusting after who’s doing the nude scenes, as in the case of Piper Perabo in her 2000 film Coyote Ugly. Whoever was gripping the camera for that incredibly sensuous fuck scene was good; the unknown chick was a good enough substitute for Piper that I blew my load off a couple of times jacking off to thoughts of Piper straddling me instead. The thong was a bit sexy, although it was a bit of distraction from what I thought was an all-nude fuck scene, breaking the illusion for me a bit. Nevertheless, we have some good camerawork pulled off here, much kudos to the guy behind it. We see good footage of faux Piper Perabo’s tits, perky and hard from the simulated fucking, and countless shots of Piper making horny O faces.

I wouldn’t want you to wade through the shitty film just to get to the nude scene, although you might want to hit the slow button on some good parts when the chicks start rockin’ their hips on the bar counter—smoldering hot, let me tell you. But if patience isn’t your game, let me save you the chapter-flipping and lead you straight to Piper Perabo’s steamy sex scene from Coyote Ugly. And in the film industry where money is spawned from creative imagination, we’ll leave you alone and pretend it really is Piper baring herself.